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Emerging Issues Task Force

We live in a society where new drugs are introduced all the time and old drugs are reborn, often more potent than before. We’re also seeing new ways to abuse old drugs. 

The Emerging Issues Task Force was created to get ahead of new or re-emerging substance abuse issues, such as synthetic marijuana and cocaine and now the return of more potent marijuana.

The task force works closely with law enforcement and drug treatment experts to identify little-known, harmful drugs and informs parents, teachers, business leaders and others about their threats. Our members write letters, contact legislators, and talk with news media to raise awareness.

Specifically, we:

--- Advocate for change to Schedule 1 drugs, which have a high tendency for abuse and have no accepted medical use. We also have set up a tip line to report marijuana grow houses in our county. Click here to take action.

--- Raise public awareness. Each time a dangerous drug surfaces, local police officers, anti-drug advocates and our other members are writing letters, contacting legislators, and talking with news media and parents to bring attention to the potential for harm. 

--- Keep an eye out for the next big thing. Sometimes harmful new drugs are in the community long before authorities know about them. Our members are making sure that doesn’t happen often. They are in constant contact with parents, store owners, teachers and youths to get the latest information on new drugs.

Join us. To learn more about the Emerging Issues Task Force, call Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition at 561-844-5952 or contact the agency’s Executive Director Jeff Kadel at jeffkadel@pbcsac.org


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