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Opioid Prevention Task Force

Prescription drug and Opioid abuse remains a major challenge in our community.

Studies show that a teen is more likely to have abused a prescription drug than an illegal street drug. And many teens believe prescription drugs are safe because they were prescribed by a doctor.

The Opioid Prevention Task Force is set up to reduce this abuse throughout Palm Beach County.

Our strategies for addressing prescription drug and Opioid abuse include:

-- Community education on the dangers and pitfalls of abusing prescription medication and other Opioids. For more information Click Here

-- Educating Doctors and other prescribers on the CDC's proper prescribing methods. Which can be found at: www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/training/online-training.html

-- Partnering with the Medicine Abuse Project where you can take the pledge to learn more about teen medicine abuse and safeguarding your medicine. Click here to learn more.  

-- Creating a network of prescription drug drop off boxes across Palm Beach County so you can safely dispose of your unused medicine. Find the closest location to your home here.  

-- Informing our community about the importance of locking medicine and encouraging families to get locked medicine boxes, such as LockMed and other products.

To learn more about the Opioid Prevention Task Force, call Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition at 561-374-7627 or Info@pbcsac.org












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