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What Teens Can Do to Stay Drug-Free

Good news teens – there’s tons of fun things to do in Palm Beach County that don’t involve alcohol or drugs.

They’re all around you!

Here’s a few:

Go bowling. Everyone loves bowling and pizza, right? And what better way to show off your individual bowling style then visit a bowling alley nearest your home.

Check out the latest movies. Our community has no shortage of movie theaters. So get your friends, buy some popcorn, and enjoy the hottest flicks on the big screen.

Do volunteer work. Our county has hundreds of nonprofits looking for volunteers to do service projects, from helping the elderly to planting trees at schools to cleaning the beaches. You’ll learn a lot, feel good about giving back and have plenty to do. (Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition could use your help, too! Learn more here.)

Get involved in sports or exercise. Your schools and neighborhood centers have plenty of after-school and weekend sports leagues and activities. You don’t have to be a star athlete to join a team. If sports leagues aren’t your thing, join a gym near your home where you can work out at your own schedule and pace.

Find a hobby. Do you like taking photos? How about drawing? Are you a chess player? These are all fun hobbies you can take up any time to keep yourself busy and engaged in the things you love to do.

See, there’s a lot to do in Palm Beach County!

Have fun.












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