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Getting Help. What To Do to Get A Teen Off Drugs

You probably know of a teen who is abusing drugs or alcohol. Statistically, about 15 percent of high school seniors have abused prescription drugs and about 32 percent have used marijuana in the past year.

The Mayo Clinic offers a great approach on how you can help a teen struggling with drugs:

If you suspect that a teen you know is abusing drugs, talk to him or her. Avoid accusations. Instead, ask the teen what's going on in his or her life and encourage him or her to be honest.

If the teen admits to abusing drugs, let him or her know that you're disappointed. Explain to this person that he or she can help regain your lost trust, if the drug use stops right away.

If you think the teen is involved in significant drug use, contact a doctor, counselor or another health care provider who specializes in drug problems.

Again, if you suspect someone you know is using drugs, start that conversation right away.











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